Oldfields Applicators

Sheepskin Mitts

  • Quality sheepskin for long term use and durability. Is hard wearing & long lasting
  • Allows easy & even coverage of paint into uneven surfaces, ensuring paint is evenly
  • Painting, rendering & polishing. The elastic cuff prevents wearer being dripped on & allow for a better fit
  • Quality stitching for additional strength is easy to clean and is reusable
  • Can also be used for painting pipes, chains and hand railings.
  • easy-clean
  • longer-filament
  • light-weight
  • tapered-ends
  • handmade

Ideal for

texture finishes, rendering & polishing where brushes and rollers are not effective, with all paints on all surfaces

  • sash


    Fits All

Makes painting, rendering & polishing easy. The quality sheepskin mitt is perfect for tasks where brushes and rollers fall short.