Paint Scrapers

Other Scrapers

  • Plastic scrapers are ideal for applying soft putty to cracks and holes in walls, doors, furniture and timber with soft flexible tip that allows for a smooth even finish.
  • Utility Patcher is ideal for patching plaster & cement, puttying holes, scraping off paint & raking out cracks. Professional quality stainless steel 3 tools in 1, Scraper, patcher & trowel/putty knife.
  • The window scraper is ideal for removing paint and other adhesives from glass. Strong and durable suitable for Industrial or home use. Ribbed handle for comfort grip.
  • Safety Razor Scraper is ideal for removing paint from glass, windows and other smooth surfaces. Strong & durable professional quality carbon steel blade. Easy to use push button action for easy use.
  • Professional quality blade knives suited for use in most projects for more precise cutting control.

Ideal for

Professional quality suited for use in most projects for quality preparation.

Great all-purpose scrapers economical and comes in a variety of sizes. Ideal for removing paint, rust, wallpaper & putty.


Plastic scarpers – 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 150mm
Utility Patcher – 8cm
Window Scraper
Safety Razor Scraper