Oldfields in the Community

What some of you may not realise is that Oldfields plays a very active role in the local community and works with other business leaders to advance the lives of the less fortunate and those who have fallen on hard times. Our CEO Richard Abela is proud to be involved as the Campbelltown Chair of the Salvos Red Shield Appeal. We meet once a month to find ways to tackle local problems such as homelessness and provide resources to those in our community who need it most. Initiatives such as these will continue to be explored and expanded.

Thank you to all the Oldfields staff who donated to the last Christmas food appeal as well as the most recent Red Shield Appeal. The generosity of the Oldfields staff goes a long way and is greatly appreciated.

New Manufacturing Facility

Under the direction of the new Board, we’ve been able to source and move into a brand-new scaffolding manufacturing facility in Northern China. The facility was specifically chosen because it allows us to efficiently ramp up the production of our own high-quality scaffolding and also have access to a range of new technologies such as robotic welding. A better and safer work environment for staff ensures the Oldfields reputation carries overseas.

oldfields new manufacturing facility

Quality again is paramount to ensure all products meet or exceed Australian Standards. We have boosted our use of locally employed Quality Control Engineers to oversee the manufacturing process and examine all product before it leaves the factory.

As we ramp up production so too will our ability to take on more and more projects in Australia and to expand into new and exciting international markets.

Staff at the heart of our business

Part of the Oldfields DNA are many staff who have been contributing to the business for a considerable period of time. This experience is valued by our clients and customers and adds to the depth of knowledge and new energy that will take the business forward.

In our Paint Tools warehouse, our small team has 135 years of combined service and contribute enormously to our constantly high customer satisfaction rating. They are our quiet achievers, working with accuracy and attention to detail and have a real commitment to customer service. As we grow, this team will train the next generation and develop the right mix of youth and experience essential for our longevity.

We would like to introduce staff who deserve recognition. So, to commence there is no better person to introduce you to than our longest serving staff member Kerry Andrew Jones who started in 1984 ….

After 37 years in ‘Paint’ Kerry’s pretty much seen it all, he’s even known as ‘uncle’ Kerry by the grandchildren in some of the 3rd generation family trade stores.

As Kerry puts it, “once you’re in the game it starts to run through your blood, it’s like being part of an extended family. You build great relationships with store owners, their children, and their children’s children.”

Kerry has an incredible depth of knowledge and is highly motivated to provide the best service to his clients. Kerry told me it’s a simple formula that’s brought so much enjoyment to his career with Oldfields.

Kerry’s role has come the full circle, starting out as a rep in NSW before taking on ‘internal’ roles including running trade promotions where he said it wasn’t uncommon, back in the day, to have two to three events per week around the states. After a stint as the NSW Sales Manager Kerry says his true passion is being a rep “getting out and about seeing clients, many of whom have become long-time friends through the trade.”

And what of the future, well with his 70th birthday coming up you might just be surprised as there’s still plenty of spring in this Oldfields vet yet. A big congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Kerry for his service to Oldfields and our clients over the past 37 years.

Oldfields Micro Max Microfibre Roller Range and Pro Series Brush Range

Our product development program is the corner stone of the Paint Tool division.

Most recently we have introduced a microfibre roller range that builds on the success of the Pro Series, ‘yellow’ roller, which is widely regarded as the best in the business. The new ‘Micro Max’ range is made from a low splatter, lint free fabric and comes in three different NAP lengths of 4, 10 and 15mm.

The different NAP lengths provide a range of options for maximum sheen, performance, and coverage across different paint types for most indoor surfaces. The feedback from the trade sector so far has been extremely positive and points to another hero tool in our product range.

Since the launch of the Pro Series Brush range, it continues to establish itself as one of the trade painters’ top tools of choice when it comes to brushes. We are very happy to advise shareholders that it has been picked up by a major paint trade & DIY retail chain. They are extremely happy with the product and the positive feedback from their trade and retail clients continues.

Scaffold Innovation – Encapsulation

Oldfields Scaffold division innovating smart access solutions to the rail sector

The Sydney rail network has been in operation since 1855 and has become a hybrid suburban-commuter rail system with a central underground core that covers over 815 km of track and 178 stations across eight lines.

The network of 178 stations, all varying in age, are part of a rolling program of asset preservation and rehabilitation by Sydney Trains. Rail asset preservation presents a unique set of challenges which the team of expert scaffolders at Oldfields have, and continue to overcome, with outstanding results.

Housing a population of over 5 million people, Sydney must keep moving, even during maintenance works. This can mean that work is restricted to weekends and stations are sectioned to allow some rail lines to remain in operation in instances where there are multiple platforms.

Working with one of Australia’s leading asset preservation and rehabilitation consultancies, Oldfields Scaffold division has accrued a portfolio of intricate, specialised and resource intensive rail shutdowns across the Sydney rail network.

Typical project features:
• 36 hour window of time for total shut down / reopen, allowing an even smaller window of time for scaffold erection and dismantling.
• Multiple shutdowns of single stations in order to complete work in sections.
• Mobilisation of high-calibre RIW (Rail Industry Work) qualified scaffolders on Saturday and Sunday.
• Scaffold encapsulation using high grade polymer to ‘shrink wrap’ erected scaffolding to contain hazardous material such as lead paint during its removal.
• Accommodate vacuum extraction for hazardous material.
• Working alongside other specialised rail maintenance contract workers.
• Working to exclusion zones.
• Working near high-voltage electricity.
• Vast variations in station architecture.
• Decontamination of scaffold after work completion.
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For more information about Oldfields innovative scaffolding solutions for specialist applications please call 13 62 60

A Bird’s Eye View – Fremantle

2018: Oldfields Scaffolding Perth, used a drone to capture images of this 60m long aluminium Pro Series modular scaffolding, revealing the scale of the temporary structure.

For this project the scaffolding was erected with buttress bays, allowing the client greater access to the surface for painting.

60 metres long, 7.0m top working platform height. Location: Fremantle.

For more information contact [email protected]