Oldfields Micro Max Microfibre Roller Range and Pro Series Brush Range

Our product development program is the corner stone of the Paint Tool division.

Most recently we have introduced a microfibre roller range that builds on the success of the Pro Series, ‘yellow’ roller, which is widely regarded as the best in the business. The new ‘Micro Max’ range is made from a low splatter, lint free fabric and comes in three different NAP lengths of 4, 10 and 15mm.

The different NAP lengths provide a range of options for maximum sheen, performance, and coverage across different paint types for most indoor surfaces. The feedback from the trade sector so far has been extremely positive and points to another hero tool in our product range.

Since the launch of the Pro Series Brush range, it continues to establish itself as one of the trade painters’ top tools of choice when it comes to brushes. We are very happy to advise shareholders that it has been picked up by a major paint trade & DIY retail chain. They are extremely happy with the product and the positive feedback from their trade and retail clients continues.