Staff at the heart of our business

Part of the Oldfields DNA are many staff who have been contributing to the business for a considerable period of time. This experience is valued by our clients and customers and adds to the depth of knowledge and new energy that will take the business forward.

In our Paint Tools warehouse, our small team has 135 years of combined service and contribute enormously to our constantly high customer satisfaction rating. They are our quiet achievers, working with accuracy and attention to detail and have a real commitment to customer service. As we grow, this team will train the next generation and develop the right mix of youth and experience essential for our longevity.

We would like to introduce staff who deserve recognition. So, to commence there is no better person to introduce you to than our longest serving staff member Kerry Andrew Jones who started in 1984 ….

After 37 years in ‘Paint’ Kerry’s pretty much seen it all, he’s even known as ‘uncle’ Kerry by the grandchildren in some of the 3rd generation family trade stores.

As Kerry puts it, “once you’re in the game it starts to run through your blood, it’s like being part of an extended family. You build great relationships with store owners, their children, and their children’s children.”

Kerry has an incredible depth of knowledge and is highly motivated to provide the best service to his clients. Kerry told me it’s a simple formula that’s brought so much enjoyment to his career with Oldfields.

Kerry’s role has come the full circle, starting out as a rep in NSW before taking on ‘internal’ roles including running trade promotions where he said it wasn’t uncommon, back in the day, to have two to three events per week around the states. After a stint as the NSW Sales Manager Kerry says his true passion is being a rep “getting out and about seeing clients, many of whom have become long-time friends through the trade.”

And what of the future, well with his 70th birthday coming up you might just be surprised as there’s still plenty of spring in this Oldfields vet yet. A big congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Kerry for his service to Oldfields and our clients over the past 37 years.