Extension Poles

Complete Range

  • Pro Series are Ideal for the trade professional in reaching ceilings and tops of walls, eliminating the need to use a ladder.
  • Pro Series are made with strong & durable aluminium with larger diameter for comfort grip and are lightweight and easy to use.
  • Pro Series are extendable with heavy duty pull-lock mechanism so will not twist or slip out of place with heavy duty alloy thread suitable to use with roller frames.
  • Oldfields Extension Poles have a strong & durable metal thread suitable to use with our roller frames and are made of high quality painted steel. They are easy to use, light-weight, and have a twist lock mechanism to avoid slipping out of place.
  • Timber poles are economical & durable with non slip metal thread suitable to use with roller frames. Are easy to use, light weight hardwood with non painted handle for easy grip and use.
  • light-weight

Ideal for

The range varies from regular high performance use by trade professional for painting large surfaces quickly to the home DIY painter for occasional projects.

Oldfields extension poles are made tough to last and ideal for use on large painting jobs. As well as being able to reach greater heights, they can also reduce the risk of roller spatter on the user. Safe, fast & clean.



Adjustable Aluminium – 0.3m to 0.6m, 0.6m to 1.2m, 1.2m to 2.4m, 1.8m to 3.6m
Adjustable Steel – 1.1m to 2m
Fixed Poles – 1.2m
Fixed Poles Timber – 1.2m, 1.8m