Preparation Equipment


  • Heavy duty galvanised steel wire corrosion resistant with unpainted quality timber handle for strong grip.
  • Professional quality and suitable for the home DIY painter. One comes with a handy steel scraper.
  • They are also used widely in surface engineering to clean the castings prior to painting.
  • The Pro Series Radial Sander is 230mm in diameter and is suitable for larger surface areas. The Pro Series Radial Sander has the advantage of velcro fastening replacement pads for fast and easy change over.
  • Pro Series Pole Sander is threaded to accept extension poles and is ideal for flattening ridges, removing rough spots and levelling out plaster joints in walls prior to painting. Made from cast alloy with stainless steel bulk heads at each end & wing nut fastening system to secure sandpaper sheets for a tight grip.


Ideal for

Removing stubborn paint, rust or corrosion. It can also be use to clean surfaces.

Preparation is the most important step in achieving a great paint finish. Scraping, sanding or brushing away previous paint and smoothing the paint area is essential to create professional paint finish.



Wire Brush with Scraper – 4 x 19 row
Pro Series Pole Sander – 230mm x 80mm
Pro Series Radial Sander – 230mm diameter