Oldfields Classic 10mm PILE

All Purpose

  • Quality fabric formulated to ensure fast, smooth & even application on all surfaces perfect for DIY.
  • Designed for maximum durability & hold for long life.
  • Suitable for use with all paint types on smooth surfaces.
  • Excellent pick up and release of paint for faster more even coverage of paint.
  • Also perfect for trim work such as windows, cupboards and door frames.
  • Best quality poly core & knitted polyester fabric.
  • easy-clean
  • longer-filament
  • light-weight
  • tapered-ends
  • handmade

Ideal for

Use when painting with all paints on smooth and semi smooth surfaces.

Perfect for trade and handyman requirements. A wide variety of roller covers to suit all painting needs. A great quality polyester fabric throughout the range provides even coverage & smooth finish.



75mm, 130mm, 180mm, 230mm 270mm