Pro Series Texture

Fine, Medium and Coarse Textures

  • Coarse – Specially designed high quality multiloop woven synthetic material to lift texture coatings to a high build textured finish.
  • Medium and Fine – Specially designed high quality flexible polyester polyurethane foam to lift texture coatings to an even textured finish.
  • Heavy duty roller cover designed for the professional trade painter.
  • easy-clean
  • longer-filament
  • light-weight
  • tapered-ends
  • handmade

Ideal for

Decorative finishes & texture paints to create various stipple effects.

A superior quality product that applies and finishes texture coating in one easy step.



Coarse – 230mm, 270mm
Medium – 75mm, 230mm, 270mm, 
Fine – 230mm, 270mm