Void Protection & Pool Void Protection


The patented FlexiSafe void protection system turns an upper floor void into a safe working platform.

If you are building multi-story homes, avoid the risk of your employees, contractors, suppliers and customers falling into the stair void, or adopting unsafe work habits. Tradesman can work on or above the void with peace of mind, eliminating falls, fines and expenses from injuries. FlexiSafe void protection system is structurally engineered and customer build for every project to ensure that no matter what shape and size, we can fill the void. Void Protection can also completely cover pools whilst your new home is under contructions.

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Platform Lengths: From 1.3m to 3.3m
Platform width: 275mm/375mm/550mm
Strut Max. Unsupported span: 2.5m
Standard Max. Strut Length: 4.3m* void width
Safe working load: 225kg between struts
* Strut supported at midspan

Safety/ Technical Requirements:

Plant design registered with WorkCover NSW

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