Oldfields Advance Scaffold designs and manufactures aluminium & fibreglass scaffolding products for the international market. We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive pricing and exceptional service.

Our products are compliant to international OHSA standards and designed for stringent OHS compliant applications for countries worldwide including Japan, Middle East, Europe, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand & Australia.

While having a selection of our own scaffold models we can also provide a low cost manufacturing solution on an exclusive arrangement for any other type of aluminium or fibreglass scaffold you require. Our scaffolding is competitive with most major scaffolding companies around the world.

Our manufacturing site in Foshan, China is fully Quality Control Assured. Our products are inspected throughout the manufacturing process from the time raw material is produced, to product being loaded into your container for delivery.

Using our manufacturing service will improve your bottom line by saving thousands in raw material, labour, manufacturing and logistical costs and replace the frustration of manufacture with reliable, high quality and efficient delivery of stock on time. We are always interested in new customers or establishing new business partners.